We here at TradeWorkz.ie know the sacrifices businesses needed to make during the unprecedented & uncertain times we faced as a nation. Keeping ourselves and our families safe was everyone’s number 1 priority. Now that the country has reopened for business and our lives are returning to normal it’s time we rebuild on what we lost over the last two years. We know the struggles businesses faced and we want to be here to help them rebuild using an online presence. Online advertising and social media is now the most used channel of communication, it’s important your customers can find you online.

What TradeWorkz.ie is doing to help?

  • We have decided to make our service 100% free for all current and new members to help get people online and showcase their skills & talents.
  • We have a dedicated Team in place to help tradesmen who would like to avail of this offer and get setup on the platform.
  • Ideal for tradesmen who do not have a large social media or online presence.

We are all in this together, you can help too!

  • By using our option to upload videos, images when posting a job for quotation. By doing this it helps provide as much content as possible to limit home callouts.
  • In a world where technology has connected us like never before, we encourage all members to use video calling apps like facetime, Whatsapp, Skype and Zoom. This allows them a face to face with clients and visualise what the job will entail.
  • In the event a home callout is absolutely necessary proper PPE equipment and hand sanitization is a must. We ask all members to strictly stick to HSE and government guidelines

We look forward to welcoming you to our platform and helping you grow your business through our online channels.

The TradeWorkz.ie Team