How it Works Public is a new innovative website that will end the tedious process of finding good reliable tradesmen to do jobs around the house. The days of ringing around trying to find someone to call out are over. View our video above and see how it work.

You simply sign up and post your job. We ask you to include as much information as possible and add pictures with your description to ensure you can get a more accurate quote. The site is easy to use and even a computer novice will be able to operate it. The site is optimised for use on all devices so access is easier for those who may not have a desktop or tablet. See some of our key points below on why you should use

  • It’s 100% free to sign up and post a job.
  • Guaranteed competitive prices.
  • Access to qualified and certified tradesmen so you can rest easy knowing all our members are of the highest standards.
  • View profiles of tradesmen who bid on your post, their recent work and read what other people had to say about their experiences using them.
  • Use tradechat to talk to tradesmen about your job and send more information to them if requested i.e pictures, measurements, files etc.
  • Have an emergency? No problem! Use our 24 hour emergency page to find a tradesman that can be contacted near you!
  • Pay a tradesman instantly using our payment system.
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