How it works (Tradesmen) is a new innovative website for tradesmen of all professions. We want to help grow businesses and prop up the good quality tradesmen. The site will give tradesmen direct access to potential jobs. We don’t believe in commission or a pay per lead system. What we offer is an affordable package for €19.99 per month. Jobs will be posted by the public and our members will be able to view the jobs and bid on them. See the above video



Our system is simple, the package has unlimited bids and when a job of interest is posted on our site you use your bids to gain access to the tradechat feature to contact the ad owner to compete for it. The average bid will be shown on the job but not who posted it, no other tradesmen can see the price you give it’s 100% anonymous. Place your bid and the owner of the ad can view your profile and hire you. Once your bid is submitted you can begin to chat with the ad owner about the job at hand and find out more information that may not have been included in the ad. We know there will be some jobs that won’t need to be looked at and others that will before you can give an accurate quote so we created tradechat for this. This will save a lot of time wasted on journeys that turn into dead end leads. See some of our key points bellow on why you should use



  • Make your own profile, add recent work, link your website and build up your star rating.
  • Stop paying the newspapers between €80-€240 per week plus the vat to just have your number listed.
  • 100% anonymous no other tradesmen can see what you bid or your conversations.
  • Organise your week and find work from the comfort of your own home or office. The site is optimised for mobile use so it can be used on mobile phones or tablets for easier access to jobs.
  • Use our tradechat feature to find out more information about a potential job before you go and look at it, it will save a wasted journey.
  • Direct texts to your phone about new work, insuring you don’t miss out on a job.
  • We have integrated a payment system into the site so you can get paid instantly for work you done. This doesn’t interest you? No problem collect a cheque or cash when the jobs done!
  • All jobs posted are pre checked by our team to insure ads have as much information as possible.
  • The public can rate tradesmen so we think it’s only fair that tradesmen can rate the public also. Read what other tradesmen had to say about their experience working with the customer and their star rating. This will help you avoid problematic customers.
  • Bids are not legally binding and are subject to change after acquiring more information about the job.