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Posted on March 4, 2019


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Hi There, please see below:

1. We have a bunch of electrical points (approx 33 made up of data phone points, spraks outlets, sound countrol points, hdmi coax scarts, coax points) that all feed back to the utility room that are not terminated and labelled.  We would require all these points to be labelled and terminated, i.e. to a phone patch panel.  Can you please price for patch panel seperately. 

2. Installation of 3 outdoor sockets (located oposite inside sockets)

3. Change boiler fed towl rad to electrical towel rad (we have the heating element suitable for that radiator already).  Rad needs to be disconnected from the heating circuit and install heating element.  Power supply available on opposite wall.

4. Battery replacement in burgular alarm panel (we have the battery already).

Many thanks for your time



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